Bad habit of worry.

I’ve learned that we naturally form habits that can harm us, sometimes unknowingly. Living in the past and dwelling on past problems is one bad habit that can hold us back. Spending money on useless items because the advertised product made you feel right, is another. Emotional scars can form hidden blocks; we do not know how much they affect us.

Diet problems can turn into weight problems, and personal tragedy, or misfortune can turn into a lifelong battle. Many of us are our worst obstacle in the course of our life, and some are aware of it some are not. I became aware of my obstacles and learned how to break them down; this is why I felt compelled to write this book.

Changing the habits of life can seem daunting, because we do not all have the knowledge of how to get over them. Every person is unique with different purposes and reasons for their difficulties. It may take longer for some of us to reach our goals, but to speed things up, remember the key, to achieving your dreams, may only be being determined and open to trying new things

Worrying is not helping change any situation

If you make a resolution of listening to your intuition, you might get a whole new perspective and enthusiasm for your life.

I think back, when I was just a child and knew I was special. There were no barriers and life was all about fun. Creative ideas and inspiration popped into my head all the time as I used to pretend everything! When you are a child you don’t have negative thoughts and obstacles to your dreams, you simply know you are going to be someone or do something and get excited about it. You don’t worry about how you are going to do it, you just know that you are.

Worry essentially is fear

Fear and worry is only in your mind, it is a thought, and it can be a barrier and a reason we fail at something. Many of our decisions in life are fear-based. We can do things because of the fear of the consequences if we do not do it.

It is good to acknowledge your fear or worry, but remember to visualize the positive always, as well as your goal, even if you feel as if everything and everyone is against you, that is even more of a reason to stay focused.

You could start by saying to yourself right now ‘I am following my dream, and I am what I have always wanted to be.’ Or ‘I’m doing everything I can and everything is working out just right for me’.

There’s only one way to cure worry, and that is just to have faith. Take a deep breath of courage and tell yourself that you can do it. Having confidence in yourself, in God, your angels or the Universe is a powerful way to conjure up the courage.

I hope to give you the inspiration and motivation you need to be yourself – to find your success and happiness. I believe that life can begin to flow in the right direction when we start to think in a positive way, focus on our goals and live through love, not through hate or worry.

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