So you want to quit smoking?

If you’ve attempted giving up many times and had no success, think about the reasons why you failed. Unfortunately, people start smoking when they are still too young to care about the effects of it like lung cancer or their fitness. Most people would agree, that they would never have taken up smoking cigarettes if they knew it would be so difficult to give up later. Unfortunately, you will have to take the responsibility of quitting, if that’s what you want to do.

Ask a good friend to help you, he or she must be willing to be tough on you and literally take the cigarette out of your mouth if you light up. They must believe in you, tell you that you are strong and encourage you when you are down.

Also, ask someone with whom you live. Your partner or your children can be an enormous help. Ask as many people as you can to be tough on you. You will then have committed yourself and feel obligated to try harder.

Cutting back to twelve or less per day and sticking to it is a good start. Attempt to keep to that number per day for starters, which may take several months to achieve if you are a heavy smoker.

After a short period of letting your body adapt, you must continue to cut back by halves. Six a day for a few weeks maximum and then three a day and lastly one and a half!

If you do decide to have one per day, you will have to be very strict with yourself which part of the day you choose to have one. Once you are down to one a day, you can’t keep this up for long, or it will keep you addicted. One week should be enough, and you will be ready to go without any, all together.

If you feel you can’t succeed with the above method, there is the option of nicotine patches, lozenges or inhalers. These are particularly useful for those who have smoked heavily for many years. Ask your chemist or doctor for advice. But even with the aid of nicotine replacements, you won’t succeed if you don’t want to.

(From the book Claim Your Power). See more here: Yes Books!

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